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Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.--1 John 4:1

Are you or a loved one struggling with this group? Do you need Biblical answers about the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCoG or CoGWMS), their founder Ahnsahnghong (Ahn Sahng/Sang-Hong) or their current leader "Mother Jerusalem" (a.k.a. "Heavenly Mother God," Zang/Zahng Gil-Jah, or Chung Gil Cha)? Thank you for coming here. I hope my blog helps you. Questions and comments are always welcome.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Proof--Remember This!

We can argue back and forth about whether the World Mission Society Church of God is God’s true church and our only salvation, or a church that brings destruction, preaches falsehood, and gives worship to an ordinary man and woman.

Fortunately, the WMSCOG has given us a way to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, whether it is the true church or not. It may take some time before it happens, but rest assured, something will happen one day and the truth will be known to all.

The position of the WMSCOG is that Mother Jerusalem (Zahng Gil-Jah) will not die. And those church members who celebrate the Passover will have the seal of God protecting them from harm, so they also will not die from the plagues and destruction that will come to the earth. Mother Jerusalem and her followers will all go straight to heaven alive, so says the WMSCOG.

I was told by a knowledgeable church member who was very certain of this, that if “Mother God” (Zahng Gil-Jah) dies it will show that it was a false church after all. My sister and other WMSCOG members have confirmed this, though of course they are certain it won’t happen that way.

So here is the proof (and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has brought this up):

In a matter of time, one of two things will happen…
1) Mother Jerusalem and all her church members will in some way disappear from the earth when they all go to heaven together – or –
2) Mother Jerusalem will die as all humans do, and her church will be left here without her.

If #1 happens, we will know it was the true church.
If #2 happens, we will know it was a false church.

If #1 happens, as our WMSCOG friends are certain it will, then they have nothing to worry about, and the rest of us will rely on the mercy of God.

If #2 happens, as the rest of us expect it will, I fervently pray that all the church followers will wake up and not take any excuses from the church leadership. It will have already proven itself to be false, so do NOT let your church leaders try to convince you otherwise with statements like these:
--She has gone ahead to prepare a place for you and will return to get those who remain faithful.
--She wanted to allow more time for more brothers and sisters to come to faith, but her earthly body couldn’t survive any longer.
--She has left (insert name here) to be in charge until she returns.
--She has introduced you to the “Heavenly Daughter”, or some other member of a god-family, who will continue her work. (If there is a trinity of the male god —father, son, and holy spirit— why not make up a trinity of the female god —mother, daughter, and who-knows-what.)

Also, beware of these tactics which may be used to cover up the death of “Mother” (Zahng Gil-Jah):
--She goes into “seclusion” and does not wish to see any visitors any more.
--She only seen by recorded message, not live.
--Or (heaven forbid!) she knows she is going to die and asks all her faithful followers to die with her (aka —drink the kool-aid together). She might tell everyone that they must shed their earthly bodies so they can get new ones in heaven —their souls will go to heaven alive, after all….

These are only a few of the things that could be said by the church leaders to try to recover from being exposed as a false church. I expect there is also a chance the church could splinter into groups that think the WMSCOG had things almost right and try to repair the damage, but the truth will remain—when “Mother’s” body dies, she will be exposed as a false prophet. Neither she nor her teachings, and neither Ahnshanghong nor his teachings (since he’s the one who pointed to her), are to be trusted.

So my message to my sister (and our other loved ones) is this:
If we cannot agree about the church, then let’s agree to disagree for now. BUT should Mother Jerusalem die, please remember that your family has always loved you. Please take the open door that God has given you and be set free from the enemy’s deception. Come back and be restored to your family who has missed you and loves you still.


  1. I cannot hope for anyone's death but i would definitely pray that all members of Zion realize how vast and unrestricted God is. One cannot restrict the number of people to go to heaven off-course heaven is too big to accommodate all people of earth if they are righteous. And why would God take 144000 in their bodily form if heaven is a place of spirits. When i was in the community i was first told only about 144000 who will be saved, then my doubt about the rest emerged and the i was answered that rest 144000 will be called up with their body and rest will go after death. Good fictional hypothesis but not acceptable.

  2. The Bible gives every indication that we will all have bodies in heaven. A good book to read about this is "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn.

    That is interesting that the WMSCOG seems to have difficulty with physical beings in heaven (at least that's my impression from them), but they claim 144,000 will go to heaven with their bodies.

    Yes, God is not restricted in the number of people He can let into heaven. John 1:12--God accepts ALL who receive Him.

    I appreciate your comment, Ammu. Hope to hear from you again.

  3. As it stands the life expectancy for a South Korean woman is 82 years and she is currently 74. Time will