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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Plural or Singular God?

It's clear that the WMSCOG believes in TWO gods--a father and a mother.
Yet why so often do they refer to their gods in the singular sense? And with masculine pronouns?

Here are examples, taken from the sermon "Overcome Temptation" from the church website,
"Sometimes God puts trials into our lives. It is not because He wants us to fall into error. God loves us so much."
"The 144,000 are the ones who follow God to the end wherever He leads them."
"Let's fear God and give Him glory, absolutely trusting and following Him"

I notice this happens a lot. Why don't they say things like...?
"Sometimes our Gods put trials into our lives. It's not because They want us to fall into error. Our Gods love us so much."
"The 144,000 are the ones who follow our Gods to the end where ever They lead them."
"Let's fear our Gods and give Them glory, absolutely trusting and following Them."

Is it only the father god that gives trials? Is it only the father god that leads the 144,000? Is it only the father god that should be feared and given glory, trusted and followed?

Or perhaps the father god is the dominant god, and the mother god is a minor, secondary god? Is the mother not equal in status or power with the father god?

Why aren't they consistent in the way they refer to their plural gods? Do they really secretly believe in just ONE god? But then that would ruin their whole argument about "Elohim" meaning two gods...


  1. Thank you, Guanacodude, for commenting here about "Elohim" referring to the Trinity--the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    Yes, we Trinitarians do believe that the word "Elohim" (being plural in form but singular in use) does give us a hint to the Trinity, the 3-in-1 God. But the Trinity is still ONE God.

    To understand the word "Elohim" you must understand the way the Hebrew language works. For more details about this, you can visit my index page to find my posts about "Elohim", Parts 1-3.

  2. Hi genny! I just wanna ask about your article, "Elohim", about daniel using term of "we" instead of "i" when he's talking about himself, Daniel 2:19,24 but i cant really find we on that 2 verses so can you please explain? Gbu always :)

    1. Hi Janet,
      If you read Daniel chapter 2, you can see in verses 19 & 30 that the interpretation is given to Daniel, and in verses 24-25 that it is Daniel who is taken to the king.
      Yet, in verse 36 Daniel says, "This was the dream, and now we will interpret it to the king." He uses "we" instead of "I" to refer just to himself.
      Hope that helps!