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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Happened with the Latest Approach

I'm wondering if anyone tried approaching their loved one about the calendar issue.

Here's the reason this calendar problem is important--They claim that Ahnsahnghong "restored the Passover."  Other groups keep the Passover, but not correctly because their calendar is wrong, they say.  If the World Mission Society Church of God can't even keep their own calendar correctly by their own rules, then this argument falls apart.

This is probably the perfect time to bring it up with your loved one since the problem is happening right now in September and October.  In a loving but questioning--not accusing!--way.  If you wanted to, but didn't know how to go about it, this is a summary of how I apporached the subject....

"I heard on the news recently that it was the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah.  I was curious about what that was, so I went and looked it up.  I found out that Rosh Hashanah is another name for the Feast of Trumpets, and then I remembered that you're not celebrating the Feast of Trumpets until next month, and I thought--well isn't that strange, to be a whole month different?  I was so confused about that, that I had to look up the new moons to figure out what might be going on.  Of course you would know that the Feast of Trumpets is supposed to be kept on the 1st day of the 7th month.  But we've already had the 7th new moon of the year since the 1st one for Passover.  What do you think is going wrong here?....."

If you've tried it, would you please share?  Did it spark anything?  Or perhaps you've actually been able to get an answer about it.

I've told you all what happened when I asked my sister about it, and how she called me back somewhat confused that she couldn't make the months work out.  Well, my sister has called again about it, and now I must write about it to help me feel better.  I am a bit discouraged, but I still am trusting that God is working behind the scenes in ways I cannot see.  I'm sorry, this might be a long post....

I can tell that she had asked at church about this issue, because she did not speak about it in her normal way of speaking to me.  I don't know how else to describe it except that even though the conversation did not get heated, she was using the "cult language and tone" that's been absent in our conversations lately when we don't talk about the church.  I can only speculate that she had been criticized for even asking such a question.

In  nutshell, this is how the answer-that's-not-an-answer was delivered:
With accusation--"Why did you ask about this?  Why do you want to know?"
With avoidance--"I know the answer, but let's just keep our relationship as sisters.  I don't want to get into this."  (I'm not going to tell you the answer.)
Changing the subject--"We believe in different things.  You go to church on Sunday.  Sunday worship was established by ..... "

What I tried to explain to her:
I'm interested in the things that are important to you.  I noticed that the Jewish holiday was coming up and I know that you celebrate the Feasts.  I didn't want to bother you when you were going to be busy with your Feast days.  I know the Feasts are important to you, and I noticed this thing that was wrong, and I'm concerned about you.  If this one thing is wrong, what elses might be wrong.  If you knew that my husband was asking me to do something wrong, wouldn't you be concerned about me?

I thought it best at the time to not push her into telling the "answer" (I suspect there is no real answer anyway--there's no way around it--it's already the 7th month).  But I hope that this at least lodges in the back of her mind as a seed of doubt.
If any of you know the answer the WMSCOG gives for this, I'd really like to hear it!

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