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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Praying for My Sister...and for You

Well, I did it...
For some time now I have been carefully trying to NOT get into debates with my sister or approach subjects that could cause disagreement and strain in our relationship.  But last night I asked her about one thing that is definitely not right.

There are many, many things that are not right about the WMSCOG, but one in particular is very relevant this week.  (I'll post about it next time.)  So I asked her about it.  I did not want to get confrontational or put her on the defense, so I tried my very best to speak calmly and phrase it as something that I don't understand, that confuses me, and I laid out the problem.  I let her say that she'd look into it, and I repeated about how I don't understand why this is going on and that it confuses me (which it does!), and then we moved on to other family news.

But I could hear the feeling in her voice...the sigh of "oh no, are we getting into this again?"...the bit of strain that I had brought up an undesirable topic.

So I am praying in partucular today that she will not take offense at me, and that she will consider the question honestly, and that it will help her to see the truth.

For you, if you and I have already gotten aquainted, please know that I remember you, and I'm praying for you as well.

And if I don't know you yet, I do know that something important has brought you here.  I will pray for you also, and I would be so privileged if you'd share something of your situation and story.  It's ok if you want to remain anonymous.

UPDATE--It's still the same day, but I have to update this.  My sister called me back this afternoon.  She was trying to work out why the WMSCOG Feast of Trumpets is going to be celebrated in the eighth month instead of the seventh month.  She was trying to work out an answer...and it wasn't working.  She's going to keep working on it and get back to me.  I'm feeling encouraged with this slight glimmer of light.

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