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Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.--1 John 4:1

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Examining Prophecies--Passover, Part 2

I was investigating whether or not the World Mission Society Church of God's Passover prophecy would pinpoint Ahnsahnghong as the second coming Christ, when a question about dates came up...

In 2009, the WMSCOG celebrated Passover on April 9, while the Jewish community using the Hebrew calendar celebrated on April 8. When I asked about the difference, I was told that it must be because the Jews start their day at sunset, but the WMSCOG believes that Biblically the day should start at sunrise. Ok, I thought, that must be what accounted for the difference...until Passover came this year, 2010.

When I heard the news talking about Passover on March 29, I expected my sister to say that she and her church would be keeping the date on March 30--a day later, just like in 2009. But NO--they kept the same date. I was totally confused--why was it different? So now I've had to investigate a new thing--calendars.

It turns out that the WMSCOG does not follow the Hebrew (Rabbinic) calendar, or the Karaite Jewish Calendar, or the Samaritan Calendar, or any of the other several "Biblical" calendars that I was able to find. Either they have (1)made mistakes in their scheduling or (2)made their own "sacred" calendar.

(1) If they have mistakenly kept the wrong day, for example celebrating Passover on the 15th day of the first month instead of the 14th day, then they are not even keeping Passover according to their own requirements. They believe eternal life is given through keeping the Passover exactly on the correct day. If their own leader, "Jerusalem Mother", who is supposed to be God herself, can't keep the correct day, then she clearly is NOT God.

(2) If they have made their own calendar (which could be to cover up mistakes or to just be different from every other church), then how are we to know except by their own word, if their method of calendar making is correct. Every other calendar also has Biblical reasons they believe their calendar is the only correct one. Should we believe the WMSCOG's calendar simply because it was made by their "gods"? No you must prove that Ahnsahnghong or Mother Jerusalem are God first.

If one was going to be very legalistic in their search for the only preacher whose church is celebrating the Passover exactly right, then you cannot prove that Ahnsahnghong fulfills this prophecy, especially because of the problem with the calendar. It becomes circular again, since you must prove he is God before you can prove he has the right calendar and is keeping Passover the right way.

If one is not so legalistic, and only looks for a preacher whose church takes the Lord’s Supper at about the time of Passover, then there are many of those. This prophecy would not pinpoint Ahnsahnghong. And really the prophecy itself would be flawed since it assumes that the Passover is nowhere to be found apart from the second coming Christ, and yet the Passover is being kept in a number of other churches.

Either way this prophecy fails in proving Ahnsahnghong as the second coming Christ. And since it was the key prophecy, Ahnsahngong's whole claim is unsupported.


  1. Hi Genny,

    I know that the WMSCOG is a cult, as I have encountered them. They do "Information-Control" and do not tell till you go through their bible teachings, which are infact, intepretations as per their whims and fancies, which they adapt to suit their needs.

    As for Ahnsahngong re-establishing passover and being God. These verses should be good enough to prove that he is not same as Jesus. He is definitely not Jesus of the second-coming referenced in the bible.

    In Mathew 26:29 " I tell you, I will never again drink this wine until the day I drink the new wine with you in my Father's Kingdom" Jesus, said this at the last supper (Passover). If this is so, then to re-establish the passover, Ahnsahngong must have drunk the wine. If has drunk the wine, then he cannot be Jesus, as you can see from the above verse.

    They are false Gods both Ahnsahngong and M.Jerusalem.

  2. Of course, the information is controlled. There are people out there looking to stay the same and do the least to save their souls. If you actually stayed and asked the church your question instead of posting on a site. You would get our answers to the verses you are taking literally, when God himself tells you he speaks in parables (Mathew 13:13). Also Jesus was prophesied in the old testament with a different name (why you think the Jewish don't believe in him). Humble yourself you have no clue, what God has planed..

    1. I have talked to many church members about my questions.
      And what name do you think Jesus was prophesied to have in the Old Testament?