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Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.--1 John 4:1

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Examining Prophecies--Lost Truth, Zion

There are just a few more prophecies to look at...

According to the World Mission Society Church of God, when Christ returns
He will restore lost truth / open the seven seals.
Rev. 5:1-5

This is another circular proof. The second coming Christ will open up the secrets of the Bible, but why should we believe him unless we know already that he is the second coming Christ? Again, only useful after you prove the second coming Christ. It’s useless as a proof for anyone, much less Ahnsahnghong.

He will establish Zion
Hosea 3:5

Zion is where the Lord’s feasts are celebrated, Passover in particular. Passover was abolished and disappeared from the earth and has been re-established. Therefore, whatever church celebrates Passover (and all the Lord’s feasts) is the true church and its leader/founder is the second coming Christ, because only God himself can bring back the Passover. (all according the WMSCOG)

In truth, there are quite a few Christian churches that do celebrate the traditional Feasts of the Lord. The WMSCOG says that they are the only church to do the Feasts the right way. But again, there are other churches who make the same claim. The WMSCOG would say that they know they are the ones who have it right because "second coming Christ" Ahnsahnghong told them so. And then this becomes another circular argument.

This is yet another prophecy related to the Passover. You’ll notice that the WMSCOG weaves this theme of the Passover through many of the “prophecies” they cite. It turns out that the Passover is their key prophecy. If that prophecy is interpreted correctly and Ahnsahnghong is the only one to fulfill it, then everything will fall into place. I'll look at that next time...

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  1. I was a member too. They told me about the passover but instead of taking the body and blood of Jesus like you are supposed to, after a while you will come to learn that you are taking the body and blood of father and mother. This is a complete contradiction to the scriptures. In the scriptures it says in what name eternal life is given. To all thos egoing and thinking of going please be careful, they will not tell you this upfront.