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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Whom Does Eve Represent?

I've written before about the WMSCOG's prophecy of the "Last Adam."  Part their interpretation of this is the notion that Adam and Eve are both prophetic representations.  To them, the first Adam was a pattern of the Last Adam (from Rom. 5:14), who they say is Ahnsahnghong.  Therefore, they say, Eve must also represent someone in the end times.  Whom does Eve represent?

If you study with the WMSCOG and examine their available online sermons, you'll find statements like this:
"When God created Adam and Eve, each of them had a duty. Adam was a pattern of the one to come (Ro 5:14). Thus his wife, Eve, represents the wife of the Lamb, the Christ to come a second time....  Through this providence described in Genesis, we can understand that Adam is a type of Christ, Eve represents His wife and all mankind living on earth represent Their children: Abel symbolizes those who will be saved and Cain those who will not be saved....  The Lamb and His Wife are God the Father and God the Mother, who have appeared in due time."  (From The Elohim Gods, emphasis mine)
And this:
"The first Adam had a wife named Eve, who gave birth to life. If Adam represents the Second Coming Jesus, whom does Eve, the wife of Adam, represent?
Eve, called the "mother of all the living" (Ge 3:20), represents our Heavenly Mother who is to appear at the end of the age in order to give us eternal life and lead us, together with the Second Coming Jesus—the Last Adam....  The Bible says that the wedding of the Lamb has come and His Bride—His wife [the last Eve]—has made Herself ready, ... Our Heavenly Father and Mother, the Creators, have come to this earth as the Last Adam and Eve...." (From The Sabbath and God the Creator, emphasis mine)
Therefore, the WMSCOG preaches that Eve, as Adam's wife, represents "Mother Jerusalem" (Zahng Gil-Jah).
But, what did Ahnsahnghong say about Eve?

In his book, Visitors from the Angelic World, Ahnsahnghong writes:
"Adam represents Jesus who was in the world of angels before the creation, and Eve represents the angels whom Jesus loved."  (Chapter 13, page 50, emphasis mine)
"Thus, Jesus is the last Adam, and the saints who are redeemed can be called the last Eve." (Chapter 13, page 55, emphasis mine)
Ahnsahnghong said that Eve, as Adam's wife, represents the angels, the saints--that's the Church!

Let's go over that again...
The WMSCOG teaches that the last Eve is "Mother God."
Ahnsahnghong taught that the last Eve is the Church (the saints).
This makes us ask--what kind of church contradicts their own founder who they believe was God himself?!

PS -- Did you also notice this?  The WMSCOG teaches that the Last Adam was Ahnsahnghong.  However, Ahnsahnghong taught that the Last Adam was not himself, but Jesus.

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