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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mind Control, Part 3

Today I'm going to take a few real life experiences and see how they can be categorized into Steve Hassan's BITE model.  These are a combination of quotes, paraphrases, and observations.  They are from my own family and trusted friends, including what members have told me directly.

For reference, here again is a link to Mr. Hassan's detailed BITE model of mind control.  Remember, the acronym stands for Behavior Control, Information Control, Thought Control, and Emotional Control.

  • On Feast days, she went for prayer at 5:00 am, and then went back to church after work and didn't go home until at least 9:00 pm.  With work and other things that must be done, there wasn't much time left, and this was everyday for a week.
  • I wouldn't take a vacation unless there was a 'Zion' nearby.  If it was an extremely important trip, I would keep the Sabbath by myself, but I would rather not go.  If my employer asked me to take business trips over a Sabbath or relocate and there was no 'Zion' there, I would look for another job.
  • They all had the same posture when praying.  The men and women were different from each other, but the women held their hands the same way, and the men held their hands in the same way.  I asked [the ladies] why that position, is there some meaning in it?  They answered, "That's the way Mother does it."
  • People are assigned to take attendance during services, feast days, activities, etc.
  • He has spent so much money buying suits and going on the trip to Korea
  • Ahnsahnghong's books are not available to the general public.
  • Stay away from the internet.  You shouldn't read those websites criticizing the "Church of God" because they are unreliable and deceitful.
  • She shared studies with me from her new church, but it was months before she told me what they believe about Ahnsahnghong, "Mother," and us being angels.
  • We are the only church with the way to salvation.  All other Christian churches and denominations are the prostitutes mentioned in Rev. 17:5.
  • Different people used the same phrases over and over again in their prayers and preaching and even just talking, such as "without any fail" and "just like 2000 years ago" and "understand God's administration."
  • It doesn't make sense, but I will trust "Mother" and "Father" and not let it shake my faith.
  • They showed me a video of nuclear destruction.  It was very graphic showing people burning up, turning to skeletons.  They said it was what was going to happen when God judges the world by fire and the only way to be saved is to take the Passover and follow "Mother."
  • On the Sabbath I attended, the message from the pulpit was about how the book of Jeremiah prophesies destruction coming from the north, which meant that North Korea was going to start a nuclear war, and the only way to be saved was through their church.
  • If you don't continue faithfully with the WMSCOG, every Passover, Sabbath, Third Day, Feast, etc., then you will not receive salvation and you'll definitely be destroyed in the final disaster.

About the behavior aspect--As Christians, we want our behavior to reflect our love for God.  And when someone becomes a Christian we expect a change in their behavior to reflect that.  Some of these behavior changes are understandable from someone excited about their faith.  But when the behavior change is coming about through manipulation, that's different--that's more like the behavior control that the BITE model is looking for.

Also, these are all personal examples--what we experienced.  Each person's experience may be a little different, so think about what has happened in your experience.  Does your experience fit the BITE model?

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  1. I've met four members of the WMSCOG, and I've noticed that they all speak in exactly the same tone with exactly the same vocal inflections, especially when teaching. When I watched a video of a former member talking about his experience, I noticed he occasionally slipped back into that pattern of speaking, though he seemed to be actively trying to avoid it.