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Friday, June 4, 2010

Who is the Bride?

When my sister’s WMSCOG study leader was trying to explain to me that the Bride of Christ was Mother Jerusalem, she said that NOWHERE in the Bible is the church presented as the Bride. She said that the church is presented as the guest at the Wedding but NEVER as the Bride. She emphasized that point—NEVER.  The World Mission Society Church of God's goal is to eventually have you believe that the bride of Christ is the Korean woman Zahng Gil-Ja.

But on the contrary, there are many places in the Bible where the Bride/Wife of the Lord is clearly either the church or the nation of Israel. Here are some examples with my own commentary….

Ephesians 5:22-27
23 For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body. 24 Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.

Remember studying analogies in high school? Here is the analogy from these verses… husband is to wife as Christ is to _____________ … yes, the answer is “church”. The relationship between a husband and wife is like the relationship between Christ and the church.

2 Corinthians 11:2
For I am jealous for you with godly jealousy. For I have betrothed you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.
If the church is being presented as a virgin to the husband, Christ, but NOT to be the wife…does that make the church the concubine?

Jeremiah 2:1-2 (NIV)
The word of the LORD came to me: 2 "Go and proclaim in the hearing of Jerusalem:
" 'I remember the devotion of your youth,
how as a bride you loved me
and followed me through the desert,
through a land not sown.

By reading this chapter we see that the “you” in this verse is the nation of Israel.

Hosea chapter 2—In this chapter, the wife is the nation of Israel and the children are the Israelites themselves. If Mother Jerusalem is the wife here, then she’s had a serious problem. I’ll just pull out a few verses, but really the whole chapter is relevant.
Hosea 2:2-5
2“Bring charges against your mother, bring charges;
      For she
is not My wife, nor am I her Husband!
      Let her put away her harlotries from her sight,
      And her adulteries from between her breasts;
      3 Lest I strip her naked
      And expose her, as in the day she was born,
      And make her like a wilderness,
      And set her like a dry land,
      And slay her with thirst.
      4 “ I will not have mercy on her children,
      For they
are the children of harlotry.
      5 For their mother has played the harlot;
      She who conceived them has behaved shamefully.
      For she said, ‘I will go after my lovers,
      Who give
me my bread and my water,
      My wool and my linen,
      My oil and my drink.’
Let’s assume here the wife is Mother Jerusalem… the woman god has been adulterous, unfaithful to the man god, chasing after other lovers. And the poor children of Mother are illegitimate, conceived in disgrace. God punishes her and refuses to show love to her children. But after the punishment, He woos her again and restores their relationship. I never knew the heavenly couple of Mother Jerusalem and Ahnsahnghong had such drama in their marriage…

Hosea 2:16-17
16 "And it shall be, in that day,”
      Says the LORD,
hat you will call Me ‘My Husband,’
      And no longer call Me ‘My Master,’
      17 For I will take from her mouth the names of the Baals,
      And they shall be remembered by their name no more.

Hosea 2:19-20
19 "I will betroth you to Me forever;
      Yes, I will betroth you to Me

      In righteousness and justice,
      In lovingkindness and mercy;
      20 I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness,
      And you shall know the LORD.

Remember that to “betroth” means to promise to marry. Again, these verses do not make sense with the story of Mother Jerusalem.

Isaiah 54:4-7
4 "Do not fear, for you will not be ashamed;
      Neither be disgraced, for you will not be put to shame;
      For you will forget the shame of your youth,
      And will not remember the reproach of your widowhood anymore.
      5 For your Maker
is your husband,
      The LORD of hosts
is His name;
      And your Redeemer
is the Holy One of Israel;
      He is called the God of the whole earth.
      6 For the LORD has called you
      Like a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit,
      Like a youthful wife when you were refused,”
      Says your God.
      7 “For a mere moment I have forsaken you,
      But with great mercies I will gather you.

These are more verses that would be scandalous if they were talking about Mother Jerusalem—shamed in her youth and abandoned by God? The bride/wife here is obviously the nation of Israel.

How about Jeremiah chapter 3? Here are verses 14 and 20:
14 “Return, O backsliding children,” says the LORD; “for I am married to you. I will take you, one from a city and two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion.
20 Surely,
as a wife treacherously departs from her husband,
      So have you dealt treacherously with Me
      O house of Israel,” says the LORD.

If Jude 1:12 and Prov. 25:14 can be used to say that clouds=flesh, then surely Jer. 3:20 must mean that wife=Israel, not Mother Jerusalem.

But what about Rev. 22:17?
And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.
The WMSCOG will tell you that since only God can give life, and the “bride” is inviting us to come and take the water of life, then the bride must be God (“Mother God”).
But the very next sentence has the hearers (ordinary people) also inviting us to come and take the water of life. But the same argument would say that we also are gods, and we know that isn’t so.
Therefore, it is not necessary that the bride is God, and it is entirely possible that the bride is the church.  And not just possible...the Bride IS the Church.

PS--You can find an update to this post here.


  1. Heyy Genny good work keep it up may be the info i'll give it help your blog, make more constructive..
    what if tell their members that their "Heavenly Father" said that there is no "mother god" and it's place and not a person, the bride is the church, and the "Idea of mother god is DELUSIONAL AND PSYCHOTIC" IT WRITTEN BY their "Heavenly Father" ???

  2. heyy Genny..
    good work keep it up,
    The wmscog members may be wont believe if you and i tell them that there is no mother god, "the IDEA of mother god is DELUSIONAL AND PSYCHOTIC!!" but what if there "HEAVENLY FATHER" S says it in same words and much more, i think they must believe for the sake of "they want to go to Heaven and not continue with WMSCOG get busy with their tactics!!! the members are good god fearing people and the deserve to know the truth!!!

  3. Hi, thetruth777,
    Thanks for the encouragement and for contributing your comment.
    Yes, the members I have met do have a sincere desire to know God. I pray that they will realize they are being misled so they can get on to knowing the true God.
    You are right that Ahnsahnghong himself wrote that Heavenly Jerusalem is a place not a person. For those interested in details, read this article:

  4. Hiiiii,genny! i dont know on which page the debate is going on, i really wanted to say that these Wamscog memberes will come to know when NCPCOG church will transalate the books which are written by Ahnsanghong, which will i think take the whole WMSCOG and specially the "MOTHER GOD",you can find these books on,(I THINK YOU MUST BE KNWING THIS SITE)and the Ahnsanghong"s biological son who is running the NCPCOG church is gonna interviewd on youtube, soon,

  5. In Judaism, the Bride is married to man every week. One of the biggest non mysterys of the Bride is the orginal meaning.

    Sabbath Queen


    During Friday night prayer services, doors are opened to welcome the Sabbath Queen. What does the Sabbath Queen represent in Judaism?


    Shabbat is compared esoterically to a bride given to us by God, whom we long for her arrival - (source: Talmud Shabbat 119a).

    The term Bride during the time of Paul was evolved in Christian writings to show that everything will be in the spirit. The "new Jerusalem" writings are meant that the spirit will be married to its new home in heaven and we as human's are the lamb's that will be sacrificed through death. Do we all not die? We are all sacrificed as lambs to be taken to the "New Jerusalem" where we will be married in heaven to live as spirits.

    1. Hal, have you thought about starting a blog? Mine is from a mainstream Christian perspective, and my friend's is from a Catholic perspective (on the links page). Yours could be from a Jewish perspective. :) If you do, please let me know so I can link to it. Just a thought... (not to be taken lightly, I know. It to me a lot of thinking and praying and studying and researching before I actually got this one started.)

    2. Nah.. I get to angry.. Id basically talk about smiting Zen Zhal Gal or doing other things. I dont mind reading or understanding someone else's traditions but this church just angers me to no end.

  6. I recently encountered a member of WMSCG... and shes telling us that were angels prior to our birth and the the is god the mother... thanks that ive fou d your site... keep up the good work.... from the Philippines