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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Rebecca's Response to the WMSCOG Today Show Segment

Earlier this year, the Today Show aired a segment highlighting the World Mission Society Church of God (you can watch it here).

If you are familiar with the WMSCOG, you will not be surprised to hear that they came out with their own videos in response, showing Rebecca Gardner's side of the story in three parts. You may have seen them yourself. I have seen them too and believe they deserve comment here.

I spent some time over the summer reviewing Rebecca's videos and the full videos of her interview and John Power's interview which the Today Show made available.

Well, you know how life goes... some seasons are busier than others. Now that I'm sitting down to write a response, guess what... Rebecca's videos have disappeared!

They are no longer available on youtube or on vimeo due to "privacy settings." Numerous pro-WMSCOG blogs and websites had posted about these videos, but now many of those posts are hard to find, with "page not found" errors. There is one still available at truthofgodthemother, but look quick in case it disappears too.

WHY did Rebecca's videos disappear?

Was she or the WMSCOG afraid of being scrutinized for their videos, perhaps in the same way they were scrutinizing the Today Show's video? Did they have legal issues with the videos? It is mysterious, and the speculations abound in my head.

Honestly, I thought it was good that Rebecca was able to tell her side of things. Her videos showed that both the member and their family struggle. The Today Show segment seemed to highlight the family's hurt and sadness with the situation, but with Rebecca's videos I saw that she was also hurt by the broken relationship.

Also, on the plus side for Rebecca, she was able to explain how part of the Today Show video was not quite as it appeared. I'm sure we all realize that the media can edit and skew their reporting, taking things out of context, to support the perspective they wish to portray. Rebecca was able to explain places where this had happened. (Of course, the WMSCOG does this type of thing too when it benefits themselves.)

It is honorable that the Today Show made available their full interviews with Rebecca Gardner and John Power. I believe the interview portions were not taken out of context, though you can check that out for yourself.

I hope that Rebecca and the WMSCOG will repost (or even remake) the videos for the simple reason that they promote dialogue, and I would like to open a dialogue here about them. There is a lot to say.

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