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Monday, November 28, 2011

More Inaccuracies - Scientific and Historical

Sometimes when a person is giving a speech, whether it's a pastor, politician, teacher, or whoever, they will work anecdotes, stories, or trivia into their speech.  It makes it more interesting, and can often give them a boost in the opinion of the listener.  Maybe it makes them sound more educated if they can show off a little extra knowledge.  At the very least, it gives the listener a piece of extra information that they may connect with.

But what about when those anecdotes, stories, and trivia turn out to be false?  In one instance, I heard my pastor begin sharing an email about earthquake safety.  As he started to read it, a kind member of the congregation gave him a signal to stop and move on with the sermon.  I recognized the email too.  She graciously saved him from the embarrassment of reading an internet rumor as if it were legitimate.

Unfortunately, it shows a lapse of judgment on the part of the speaker to not do a better job verifying their information.  But I understand that my pastor is human and makes mistakes, just like I do.

If I found this type of thing happening regularly with the same speaker, it would lower my opinion of them.  How much trust can a person earn when they regularly neglect fact-checking?

What would you think of a president who kept doing that?  It would not reflect well on him.  Some people we hold to a higher standard, don't we?

What if it was happening in a church which claimed to be led by "Mother God" herself in the flesh?


Thomas Edison
The World Mission Society Church of God said,
"Thomas Edison, the genius of invention, did not spare thousands of prayers for a single invention. That was why God gave him many ideas beyond human thought, so that he could contribute greatly to the civilization of mankind. The light bulb that lights up the darkness is one of the results of his prayer." (from Prayer)

But Thomas Edison said,
"I never have denied Supreme Intelligence. What I have denied and what my reason compels me to deny, is the existence of a Being throned above us as a god, directing our mundane affairs in detail, regarding us as individuals, punishing us, rewarding us as human judges might. I do not wish to have the public think that I deny the merit of the world's great moral teachers - Confucius, Buddha, Christ. They were great men - truly wonderful. Their teachings are summed up in the Golden Rule, and any man who follows that will be far higher and far happier than any man who does not. But the worship of an individual God is not a necessary detail of following the Golden Rule." (from 1910 New York Times interview)

A Popular Song
The World Mission Society Church of God said,
"A song titled 'Nobody' was popular in the United States at one time. This song expressed defiance against the age in negative terms. It was a worldwide popular song to arouse sympathy from a large number of people. How regrettable!
These are the words of the song: "Who is fit for the presidency in the world?" "Nobody." "Who can stop wars?" "Nobody." "Who is respectable in the world?" "Nobody." Like this, this song contains negative words-nobody, nothing, or impossible. Considering it was so popular among the youth, we can guess how spiritless and pessimistic they were in those days." (from The Kingdom of Heaven Has Been Forcefully Advancing)

Ok, now, try to find evidence of this song.  If it was so very popular, surely it would be listed online somewhere.  I've found nothing at all.  I listen to a wide variety of music, but I can't recall a song like this.  Can you find evidence of it?  Anyone?  I'll update this if anyone can enlighten me.

Lugworms and Crabs
The World Mission Society Church of God said,
"Lugworms dig their holes very well, even though they have soft bodies and no part of their bodies is hard enough to be used as a tool. However, crabs, even though they have better physical conditions than the lugworms, do not try to make their homes but live in the holes digged by others.
This comes from their different life habits: The lugworms tend to concentrate on one thing, while the crabs tend to do many things at once, not steadily concentrating on one thing. The crabs have a hard shell and strong claws serving as good tools; they protect themselves against enemies while eating food; they are busy doing many other things while crawling. Consequently they do not make their own homes." (from With All Your Heart And With All Your Mind)

In the context of the sermon, we're supposed to see that it's better to be like the lugworm which focuses on one thing so well it can make its own home even though it's just a soft worm, as opposed to the crab which is too busy doing many things and consequently does not make its own home.
Does it change anything to know that lugworms spend almost their entire lives in their u-shaped burrows in the sand of the beach?  And some crabs do burrow their own homes, like this one or this one.
And besides that, does it really make sense to compare a worm and a crab in this way?

Those three examples may seem a little silly to point out, but this next one disturbs me.

Christian Populations
The World Mission Society Church of God said,
"Today, Christianity is gradually declining in the world. In Korea, the number of Christians has decreased every year since 1990." (from The Spring of the Water of Life)
"Since the 1990's, the number of Christians has been rapidly decreasing in the United States and Europe due to the younger generation's indifference and disregard." (from an article in "Monthly Chosun Magazine by the Church of God," April 2011, the same book you see here.)

This research shows that in Korea between 1995 and 2005, the Christian population increased by 2.9% .
This research shows that in the United States between 1990 and 2000, the Christian population increased by 5%.
This research shows that in Europe between 2000 and 2010, the Christian population increased by 0.23% (small, but still an increase).

How can that possibly happen if the number of Christians has been decreasing?

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