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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ONE God -- Has Another Been Hiding?

How does the World Mission Society Church of God reconcile their doctrine of two gods with so many verses showing that there is only one God?

"There is the Savior's name for each age, but the name of God as female does not appear.  For God the Father stands as a representative, just as only a father's name appears on a doorplate in the home though there is a mother.  In the book of Romans it is described that through one man, Adam, sin entered the world.  Actually it was Eve who sinned first, but Adam's name was representatively mentioned.  It is the same with the Savior's name for each age; only the name of God the Father has been representatively used."
from the sermon "The Elohim Gods."

So apparently the WMSCOG believes that when God says, "Let us...," it means "God the Father and God the Mother."  And when God speaks with I and me, it also means "God the Father and God the Mother," because God the Father is representing both of them.  Just like when only a father's name is on the doorplate of the home, even though the wife (mother) lives there too.

No, that doesn't work.  Let's think about it...
Think of a home that belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Example.  We knock on the door, and Mr. Example opens it and talks to us.  Mrs. Example is in one of the bedrooms, so we can't see or hear her.

If Mr. Example says, "This house belongs to me.  I live here.  I am in charge of my house." -- Even though Mrs. Example also lives there and shares the rule of the household, it is still a true and acceptable statement.

On the other hand, if Mr. Example says, "No one else lives here but me.  I am the only one in charge of this house.  I am alone here." -- Those are not true statements.  He would be lying.  Even speaking as the representative of his household, he cannot make statements like that truthfully.

Just to review, God said...
"I am God [El], and there is no other." (Isaiah 45:22)
"Is there a God [Eloah] besides me?  Indeed there is no other Rock; I know not one." (Isaiah 44:8)
(El and Eloah are both singular.)

God cannot truthfully make the statements He did, if there was a Mother God waiting in the wings for her time to come.

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