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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Feast of Trumpets

The WMSCOG Feast of Trumpets has just passed, being celebrated on Oct. 8.

I'm wondering if anyone can enlighten me yet on why it was kept at the beginning of the eighth month instead of the seventh month as specified in Leviticus 23:24.

I wrote previously about this mistake in their calendar here, but just to sum up...

The WMSCOG prides itself in keeping the "sacred calendar," and we can see in the Bible that months are kept from new moon to new moon (Isaiah 66:23).

The WMSCOG celebrated Passover this year on March 29, which makes the new moon of Mar. 15 as the beginning of the first month on their calendar.  I'll put up the list of new moons again for you...
Mar. 15 -- 1st new moon starts the 1st month
Apr. 14 -- 2nd month starts
May 13 -- 3rd month starts
June 12 -- 4th month starts
Jully 11 -- 5th month starts
Aug. 9 -- 6th month starts
Sept. 8 -- 7th month starts
Oct. 7 -- 8th month starts

I'm not going to argue about a day (Oct. 7 vs. Oct. 8), but we are definitely in the 8th month.  I don't see any way the WMSCOG can reconcile this with Lev. 23:24, especially since the records show that some years they keep the date in the seventh month, and other years in the eighth month--it's not consistent one way or the other.

I'd be very happy to get some help with this.  Does anyone have anything to say?


  1. Hello Genny,
    I really hope you read this and post it. First of all let me ask you, where did you get your information on the Lunar calendar? And 2nd question is this, are you familiar w/the 2nd Adar?

    1. Hello again, Topsy. The information about new moons is available from the NASA website, though I'm sure you can get it from other sources as well. Here's a link:

      Yes, I am familiar with Adar, and 1st and 2nd Adar which occur in a leap year. Are you? Nisan is the 1st month, the month of Passover. Adar is the 12th month. In a leap year, Adar is repeated as 1st and 2nd Adar (the 1st being the added leap month).

      Adar, being the 12th month, occurs just before Nisan, the 1st month. It would have no effect on this problem of the 7th month feasts being kept in the 8th month.